AirMess R9 is now available, on Widows 8 RT, Windows 8 Desktop and of course Windows 7 !

AirMess TimeTrial

Windows 8 RT

Get AirMess (Windows 8.1)

Windows Desktop (Windows 7 and 8)

AirMess Desktop 1.9

What’s in the box?

Incremental little update as I’m currently on holidays 🙂

  • New racing mode: Time Trial.
    This is the classic WipEout Time Trial. You have to finish the laps as fast as possible and you are given one boost item per lap.
    Currently the leaderboard is local only but in the future I want it to be online 😉
  • Improved the collision detection and response of ships with road walls
  • Easier opponents in Sub-Digital. This one is a little trickier…
    The problem arise because the AI used to be way too good when playing on the easy mode, never giving you any chance to improve yourself.
    The AI now in Sub-Digital (and only Sub-Digital) was thus slowed down in order to give a chance for the player to keep up the fight.

Once again, feedback highly appreciated 🙂
Have fun!