Building Kadma

January 21, 2013

It has been almost one year since my last post, but I’m still alive (and so is AirMess).

A lot of things happened: I got my diploma (trust me, I’m an engineer), my prize for ImagineCup, and a job at Avanade were I’m still working on Microsoft Technologies but on a business side.

During that time XNA died and that’s one of the saddest technological moments I ever had. And I know, Microsoft didn’t say that XNA was dead, but for the last year nothing was announced or commented. If there was to be a future for XNA, it could at least be presented with Windows 8 but that wasn’t the case. So my bet is: it’s dead.

That was the time to try something else, and ShardDX showed up, shiny and beautiful with its DirectX 11 and Windows 8 support. That’s why I’m trying to take a new lead here, and to create a new engine from scratch on top of SharpDX.

Why not simply port my existing XNA Engine ?

  • It was designed as a DirectX 9 feature engine, with a lot of limitations and sometime awkward choices to get into the model. With DirectX 11 there are a lot of things that can be achieved in a simpler way (I’m not talking about fancy stuffs like tessellation, but reading the depth buffer is a start)
  • A lot of things were very bizarre, because I had to take a lot of shortcuts to stay on schedule for ImagineCup events
  • I’ve made a lot of progress in programming and architecture, and redoing a project is always a good manner to implement a better design
  • It’s the only way for now to get into Windows 8
  • Its fun 🙂

So that’s it. Right now I’m working in “reinventing” a content pipeline with an editor, but the path to get AirMess running again is still long and dangerous



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