The Round 2 of ImagineCup 2012 Game Design is now closed, and we are now waiting for the results. Just after that I went to Tokyo so that was a good way to see something other than a lot of code and video editing.

Btw, I hate video editing 🙂


Sometimes when you are developing a personal project you are adding stuff not because it was related to some greater objective, but just because you can. Because of that I have made a Survival Mode in my game when your challenge it to last the longer possible without hitting walls while your ship is accelerating more and more at each lap. At the end, I find it really fun so I decided to post a video here.

At the same time, the deadline for the Round 2 of ImagineCup is passed (at least in France) and after several days spent at making a video I’m glad to be able to take a break.

AirMess Gameplay Video

March 5, 2012

While the next deadlines approaches, I have been doing a lot of stuff to improve my project, but also to progress in my studies and what comes next … Nonetheless I wanted to show, at last, what the game really looks like during a race. I have been showing some images, a teaser, but never a whole video about the current gameplay and I thought it could be fun.

So there it is: AirMess, the gameplay video!

Oh btw: this is just for fun, not the actual footage I am planning to give to the jury 🙂